Faculty of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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General Information and History

The Faculty of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (FMAE) is one of 12 faculties / schools at ITB. The history of FMAE can be traced back to the inception of Department of Mechanical Engineering at Technische Hogeschool Bandoeng in 1941. During further development of ITB, Department of Aerospace Engineering and Department of Material Engineering were established. The three departments were reorganized in 2008 and grouped under one faculty: FMAE.

The Faculty offers bachelor, master and doctoral program in Mechanical Engineering, Aeronautics and Astronautics, and Material Engineering. Furthermore, the Faculty also involves in the new inter-disciplinary Master Program on New and Renewable Energy, and Master of Technology in Mechanical Engineering for Oil and Gas Facilities. The Faculty supports over 120 academic and general staff, and a total of 1255 undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Covering over 9000 m2 on the north-west area of ITB main campus, the Faculty comprises seven research groups with 12 research laboratories. The research laboratories are well equipped with wide array of experimental and computational facilities. In addition to supporting educational activities, these laboratories are also utilized for academic and industrial research work.

Cooperation between the Faculty and industrial partners includes traineeship placement for undergraduate students, industrial research projects and graduate employment. The Faculty has industrial links in a multitude of industrial sectors, both national and international companies.

Internationally, the Faculty is a part of AUN/SEED-Net, a collaborative network between ASEAN and Japanese Universities. The Faculty also has inter-university agreement with numerous leading universities in Europe, Japan, Australia and United States. The international student exchange program, postgraduate scholarships and sandwich program exemplify the international cooperation between the Faculty and universities abroad.

With its vision for educational and research excellence in the field of mechanical, aerospace and material engineering, the Faculty continues the fascinating journey that spans over seven decades.