Faculty of Mining and Petroleum Engineering

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General Information and History

Although the Faculty of Mining and Petroleum Engineering (abbreviated as FTTM in Indonesia Language) just began in 2007, its history has been taking place since the late 1940s when a Mining Engineering undergraduate program was opened at University of Indonesia in 1948 under the Faculty of Engineering. In 1950, an undergraduate program in Geology was the formed under the Faculty of Natural Sciences of the same university. After sharing its history with University of Indonesia, ITB was officially founded in 1959, In the same year. Department of Mineral Technology was established with two divisions namely Mining and Geology Division. Later, in 1962, and undergraduate program in Petroleum Engineering was founded.

In the period of 1973-1984, Department of Mineral Technology had been within the Faculty of Industrial Technology, sharing the same faculty with Engineering Physics, Chemical, Mechanical, Electrical, and Industrial Engineering Departments. The next development was started in 1984 when the Faculty of Mineral Technology (abbreviated as FTM) was launched with 3 departments: Geological Engineering, Mining Engineering and Petroleum Engineering.

As the need of exploration, exploitation and natural hazard mitigation have been continuously escalating. In 1988, a Geophysical Engineering education program was opened and later in 1998 was promoted to a department level. In the same year, Department of Geophysics and Meteorology, previously under the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, joined the FTM. To accommodate the new field. The name of the faculty had been changed to Faculty of Earth Science and Mineral Technology (abbreviated as FIKTM) in 1999.

In early 2006, there were several changes in organizational nomenclature as ITB changed its status from a public to an autonomous university. To slightly trim the structure, the term “Department” was deleted leaving only faculty and program. In addition. A faculty to accommodate Geological Science and Technology was also established, separating earth sciences from engineering, and the new era of Mining and Petroleum Engineering education began in 2007.

With all those changes. Currently FTTM is managing eight undergraduate and graduate programs in the field of Mining Engineering, Petroleum Engineering (including Geothermal Engineering), Geophysical Engineering, and Metallurgy Engineering.