4icu: ITB Ranks 32nd in the World

By UKM Student English Forum

Editor -

BANDUNG, itb.ac.id- Bandung Institute of Technology remains among the one hundred best universities in the world in the "2011 World Universities Ranking" survey done by the 4 International Colleges & University (4icu). Even though it falls two positions from last year, ITB is still the first in Indonesia and second in South-East Asia.

In Indonesia alone, ITB held on to its position as first, followed by University of Indonesia (UI) and Gadjah Mada University (UGM) as second and third, respectively. There were 151 universities in Indonesia involved in the survey, up from 141 last year.

World's first goes to Stanford University, followed second by Massachussets Institute of Technology, then University of California. American universities still dominate the top rankings in the list, followed by China represented by Peking University at 8th.

In Asia, ITB ranks 12th while UI 25th. In the world, ITB ranks 32nd, far above UI at 155th. In Southeast Asia, ITB was second only to National University of Singapore (NUS).

The ranking is based on the universities' websites. The value of each university is judged upon three non interconnected web-metrics so that the popularity of each university can be acquired accurately. The search engines utilized in the ranking are Google Page Rank, Yahoo! Inbound Link, and Alexa Traffic Rank.

The "2011 World Universities Ranking" from 4icu aims to look at how popular universities' websites are. This should motivate ITB to develop the www.itc.ac.id website further.

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