Kelompok Keilmuan Manusia dan Desain Produk Industri

Informasi Umum

Dalam Kelompok Keilmuan Manusia dan Desain Produk Industri terdapat lima jalur studi kompetensi yang saling berhubungan satu sama lain untuk pengembangan ilmu desain produk industri, yaitu:

  1. Product Design and Human  Factors (Skills in the field of   products’ ergonomics and in-depth knowledge about the factors of human’s ability in interacting with the products. The study aims to achieve products’ functions in safety and comfort)
  2. Product Design and Applied Technology (Skills in applying logics and technology principles in designing products, particularly in determination of materials, structure resolve and the products’ physical performance.)
  3. Product Design and Material Culture (Skills in identifying the value, identity and culture of the people, the empowerment of the people through product design, as well as theoretical study on the development of product design.)
  4. Product Design, System and Management (Skills in coordinating system and understanding to all aspects of planning, producing, intellectual protecting and product marketing in order to achieve successful design.)
  5. Product Design for Environment (Skills in applying the knowledge regarding the comfort of residential facilities, community characteristics, environment, along with the sustainability principle in designing products.)

Fasilitas laboratorium pada KK ini meliputi:

  • Product Ergonomics Lab (intended for the study of the physical factor and human senses in interacting with the products)
  • Product Model Lab (intended to support the manufacture of product models, mock-ups and proto types.)
Kelompok Keahlian/Keilmuan