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General Information

Algebra is a branch of mathematics concerning the study of structure, relation, and quantity. Elementary (high school) Algebra provides an introduction to the basic ideas of algebra, including effects of adding and multiplying numbers, the concept of variables, and also definition of polynomials. In this case, algebra is much broader. Algebra works with symbols, variables, set elements, and  rules of  manipulating them. Addition and multiplication are viewed as general operations, and their precise definitions lead to structures such as groups, rings and fields.

Algebra Research Group has a vision to become a productive group of lecturers in conducting education, research, and community service, particularly in Algebra and its applications. The mission of Algebra Research Group in education is, together with other research groups in FMIPA ITB, to provide a high quality learning process in the field of mathematics at all levels of higher education, giving wide opportunities to students in developing their competencies to afford high achievement, either in mathematics or their applications, as well as in various other professions in society.  In the field of research, Algebra Research Group’s mission is continuously conducting research to support the learning process, the development and applications of Mathematics. On the other hand, in the community empowerment, Algebra Research Group’s mission is to take part in disseminating Mathematics to public and to carry out community service activities through applications of Mathematics and trainings in Mathematics Education.

Community service activities are also conducted by the members of Algebra Research Group. They are actively participating in regular collaborative seminars organized by Algebra Community in Bandung, on National Mathematics Olympiad (high-school and university level; as coach/jury), and other activities at the national level.

Top Researches :

  1. Derived equivalence for Hopf Algebra (a colla-borative research with University Gadjah Mada and University of Picardy Jules Verne).
  2. Characteristics subspace lattices and their extensions to modules over a principal ideal domain
  3. Characterization of  integral Laplace hypergraphs based on their degree sequence
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