Physics for Electronic Material Research Group

General Information

Physics of solid state is one of the fundamental approaches to study and understand the properties of materials and their function in devices. The theory is used in research and to develop electronic materials, hence making innovation through the related experiment.Our researches are carried out experimentally and theoretically through material and device simulations to understand their physical properties such as electrical, optical, structural, magnetic and other properties in improving the device performance. The following topics are researches based on thin-films electronic semiconductors materials and their functions in device: quantum structures (dot, wire, well) of semiconductor materials and the applications in non volatile memory and photonic devices, nanomaterials synthesis and functionalization for energy, environmental, medical and other industrial applications, and carbon and silicon-based nanomaterials for optoelectronic applications. Meanwhile, the synthesis methods used are sputtering, pulse laser deposition, chemical vapor deposition, evaporation, pyrolysis, and other physical and chemical methods. The theoretical simulations are density functional theory, first principle and other numerical approaches. All members of Physics for Electronic Material Research Group is continuously publish their research results on reputable international and national journals, international and national proceedings, and some related physics book chapters. The achievement is reflected in the SCOPUS H-index with the highest score of 27. The members also carried several researches with their colleagues from national and international research institutions and universities.

Top Researches:

  1. Development of rare-earth-free BCNO phosphor (a collaboration with Prof. Kikuo Okuyama’s Group at Hiroshima University).
  2. The cathode material development for lithium-ion battery.
  3. The metal oxide thin films development for opto-spintronic device application (a collaboration with Prof. Andrivo Rusydi’s Group at National University of Singapore and Prof. Kouichi Takase at Nihon University, Japan).
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