Structural Engineering Research Group

General Information

The Structural Engineering Research Group is one of the largest research groups in the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering. The group is constantly committed to pursuing excellence in research and public service, and providing the best possible education for ITB students.

  1. This is in line with the group mission as stated below:
  2. Contribute to the development of the body of knowledge in the field of Structural Engineering.
  3. Provide the need of the construction industry.
  4. Contribute in upgrading the human resources quality in the construction industry.
  5. Take a major role in the development of various mega projects in Indonesia.

All group members are actively engaged in researches either in the capacity as supervisor at undergraduate and postgraduate levels or as research partners in sponsored research projects, funded through national research council, ITB research funds, or industries. In addition, Structural Engineering Research Group is equipped with an advanced structural engineering laboratory, which has a unique experimental facility to study the performance of full-scale structural systems and components under extreme loading, including earthquake.

The group focuses its research on civil engineering structures including buildings, bridges, dams, ports and offshores structures, with a common emphasis on performance-based design. The research activities cover a wide range of topics, including computer-aided design, research software, cement-based materials, metallic/nonmetallic and other materials, earthquake resistant concrete and steel structures, structural dynamic and control, and reliability-based design. The core of studies is in the area of computing technology, high performance construction materials and structures.

The group also contributes to the development of structural engineer quality in the global competition, by conducting trainings and short courses or by collaborating with professional association of structural engineers. In addition, the group has contributed significantly to the development of the current Indonesian loading and design building codes.

Top researches:

  1. Collaborative Research Program with Industry (a research collaboration between FTSL ITB, Nippon Steel, and Sumitomo Metal Corporation (NSSMC)).
  2. Structural Analysis and Dumping System the Building Design Project (a research collaboration between FTSL ITB and Nippon Steel and Sumikin Engineering Co. Ltd.).
  3. Development Hysteretic Behavior of Beam-column Joint of Reinforced Concrete Steel (RCS) Project  (a research collaboration between FTSL ITB and PT. WIKA beton).
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