Mechanical Design Research Group

General Information

Mechanical Design Research Groups is one of seven research groups in the Faculty of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. Mechanical Design Research Group facilitates the research and development in the field of structural design and analyses as well as material selection. Mechanical Design Research Group has established cooperation in the field of education, research, and development with various organizations both nationally and internationally. The group also has strong linkages with various industry sectors such as oil & gas, mining, automotive, rail vehicle, manufacturing, as well as healthcare.

The Research Group has active research and development programs in the areas of: Mechanical Equipment & Component Design; Experimental Stress Analysis; Predictive Maintenance Technology: Vibration Analysis, Signal Processing, Fracture Mechanics; Railway Vehicle Technology: Impact Energy Absorber, Composite Brake, Crashworthiness, Rail dynamics; Biomechanics: gait analysis, dental biomechanics, prosthetic design, crash injury; Risk Assessment; Heavy Machinery and material handling equipment.  Examples of current research conducted by Mechanical Design Research Groups are the development of numerical and 3D reconstruction for dental implant analysis, design and development of affordable leg prosthetic, development of optical motion analyzer system, bus and passenger safety analysis against rollover, train safety analysis, vehicle crashworthiness, crash injury, development of Light Rail Transit, fatigue and fracture mechanics, wear on dredger bucket teeth, and development of composite material structures both numerically and experimentally.

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