Computer Engineering Research Group

General Information

The computer engineering research areas focus on coding, cryptography and information protection, communication and wireless network, compilers and operating systems, computational science and engineering, computer networks, mobile computing & distributed systems, computer systems (architecture, parallel processing, and dependability), computer vision and robotics, integrated circuits, VLSI design, testing & CAD, signal image and speech processing.

Top researches:

  1. Design Build Miss Distance Indicator (MDI) 2nd Phase for TNI AD (2016)
  2. Rebuilding Satbak S60 – Manual to Automatic (2016)
  3. Prototype Upgrade Hostile Altileri Locator (HALO) for TNI AD (2016)
  4. Postgraduate Research on Machine Perception (2016)
  5. Development of UAV & UGV for CBRN Monitoring (2016)
  6. Wireless Sensor Networks for Structural Health Monitoring (2016)
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