Power Engineering Research Group

General Information

The electrical power engineering research area focuses on generation system (distributed generation and system, bioenergy, power electronics on distributed generation systems), power system (computation, security, power quality, transmission and distribution automation & monitoring system), power delivery (DSM, wide area protection, reactive power management, FACTS, power economic, electrical power business, electrical pricing, undersee cable technology), protection system (material and technology, electromagnetic compatibility, lighting protection and technology), power apparatus (instrumentation and measurement, field analysis on power system apparatus, diagnosis and maintenance of high voltage apparatus), high voltage insulating materials and technology.

Top researches:

  1. Smart Microgrid Sumba Optimization (2015-2016)
  2. Developing Framework of Energy System in Smart Building (2016)
  3. Study and Design of the Stability of Microgrids (2016)
  4. High Efficiency High Ratio DC-DC Conventers for Renewable Power Generation Systems (2016)
  5. Power Electronics Building Blocks for DC Microgrid System (2016)
  6. Energy Efficiency Analysis and Improvement for Datacenters (2014)
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