Electronics Engineering Research Group

General Information

The Electronics research areas focus on Digital IC, Analog IC, IC processing, RF IC, Devices Technology, Embedded System and intelligent instrumentation systems. The research areas cover the electronic system architecture design, System on Chip (SOC), Algorithm and optimization for hardware implementation, VLSI Design, Hardware-Software Co-Design, Device Design and Implementation, and Cognitive Artificial Intelligent Instrumentation Systems. The researches are targeted for various applications such as WiMax, 3GPP LTE, Smart Card, Security Engine, Low Power MIPS/RISC Processor Design, Wireless Sensor Network, Nano wire and sensors. The research utilizes industrial standard Design Tools for Hardware Design and Simulation. Several implementations use standard chip such as FPGA, DSP and Microprocessor. The group also has small scale clean room for developing laboratory experiment devices.

Top researches :

  1. 1st Probalistic Cognitive Robot (2014)
  2. Cognitive Artificial Intelligent Research (2014)
  3. Wind Sensor (2014)
  4. Weather Sensor System (2014)
  5. Solid State Gyroscope (2014)
  6. Silicon Nanowire (2011)
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