Earth Resource Exploration Research Group

General Information

Earth Resources Exploration Research Group (KK-ESDB; Kelompok Keahlian Eksplorasi Sumberdaya Bumi) consists of experts in the field of earth resources exploration technology. Researches in the KK-ESDB cover four broad topics:

  1. Mineral and coal deposit exploration and evaluation specifically in genetic model of mineral deposit, exploration model, geostatistics applications, and evaluation of deposit resources and reserves. areas.
  2. Fossil energy exploration specifically in organic-rich rocks genetic model (coal and shale oil/gas) by mean of organic petrology and geochemistry in order to support discoveries of conventional and unconventional energy resources.
  3. Geotechnology for exploration specifically in the applications of some exploration methods: geophysics, geochemistry, geotechnical investigation, remote sensing, and geological engineering.
  4. Groundwater resource, geothermal, and environment specifically groundwater resource modeling and exploitation technology, quantitative hydrogeology, and hydro-geochemistry for supporting applications in mining, geothermal, and environment.

The KK-ESDB comprises members in wide education background with qualifications of Ph.D Degree (9 members) and Master’s Degree (1 member); as well as wide academic positions: 1 professor, 5 associate professors, 3 assistant professors, and 1 instructor. Researches in the group are very intensive as indicated by the number of publication in journals and proceedings of both national and international scopes. In education aspect, the group serves lectures in undergraduate and graduate programs of mining engineering, graduate programs of groundwater engineering and geothermal. Members of KK-ESDB are also active in problem solving collaborations with numerous industries of mining, petroleum, and geothermal. Currently KK-ESDB runs a 5 years (2015 – 2020) joint research with Kyoto University (SATREPS’s Project) in the topic of Beneficial and Advanced Geothermal Use System (BAGUS) which supported primarily by JICA and JST.

Top researches:

  1. Beneficial and Advanced Geothermal Use System (BAGUS) Project under Science and Technology Research Partnership for Sustainable Development (SATREPS) - a Japanese government program that promotes international joint research. BAGUS project is a project for technology development of steam-spot detection and sustainable resource use for large enhancement of geothermal power generation in Indonesia. This research collaboration primarily between ITB and Kyoto University, and supported by Geological Agency of Indonesia, Star Energy Geothermal Ltd., Hokkaido University, AIST Japan, RESTEC Japan, Mitsubishi Materials Co., funded by JICA and JST – Japan. 
  2. Study of bone coal genesis and its distribution in Berau Coal mine, East Kalimantan (a collaboration between ITB and PT Berau Coal).
  3. The crosswell seismic reflection modelling for the underground coal mine planning in Indonesia.(2014-2016)
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