Geotechnical Engineering Research Group

General Information

Geotechnical Engineering Research Group is one of the research groups within the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Institut Teknologi Bandung. It has eleven highly qualified staff members which consist of one professor emeritus, one professor and nine associate professors and assistant professors who graduated from leading universities in the United States, Japan, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia.

The geotechnical engineering research group is committed to fulfilling two major missions: to educate undergraduate and graduate students to become leaders in geotechnical engineering practice and academia in Indonesia and to establish a conducive environment for both staff and students to perform research for inventing new cutting edge ideas for the geotechnical engineering practice which are suitable to the Indonesian condition.

For education (first mission), the group attempts to provide a broad and diverse education and to maintain a balance between research and teaching, theory and practice, experimental and analytical techniques. As a result, the graduates are expected to have good fundamentals of Geotechnical Engineering.

For research (second mission), the group members are actively engaged in research either in a supervisory activity at undergraduate and postgraduate levels or as research partners in sponsored research projects, funded by national research council, ITB research funds, or industries. The group research activities and interests range from providing a firm foundation for infrastructures, mitigation of natural hazards especially of earthquakes, soil behaviors, slope stability, earth dams, marine geotechnics, to soft tunneling.

Most of the group members have established links with industry through various research projects and the wide range of consultancy assignment undertaken for various major construction projects. Some of them are the most prestigious projects in Indonesia, such as Design Review of Suramadu Bridge (1500 m), Sula Bridge (1000 m), Soekarno Hatta Bridge (1000 m), Java Bridge (preliminary Study), Cipularang Toll Road, Sibolga Power Plant, Tambak Lorok Power Plant, etc. The group has become one of the major contributors to the continuing professional development of the practicing geotechnical engineering. The group also offers short courses and training to practicing geotechnical engineers.

Latest researches:

  1. Involved in updating the hazard map for the Indonesia code (SNI-2016).
  2. Involved in developing the Indonesia geotechnical engineering code.
  3. Held a computational geotechnical course in Bali, December 2016. Etc.
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