Lightweight Structure Research Group

General Information

Lightweight Structures Research Groups is one of seven research groups in the Faculty of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. Lightweight Structures Research Group facilitates the research and development in the field of structural and material required by the latest products such as aircraft to obtain a structure with high strength to weight ratio. Current researches that are conducted by Lightweight Structures Research Groups consists of various topics such as the development of Digital Image Correlation (DIC) technique for stress measurements on a structure, crash box development and design for vehicle structure crashworthiness, characterization of materials at high strain rate, blast impact and blast worthiness, fatigue and fracture mechanics, and development of composite material structures both numerically and experimentally.

Lightweight Structure Research Group currently chaired by Prof. Dr. Ir Ichsan Setya Putra, Professor of Fracture Mechanics Faculty of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering ITB. Lightweight Structure Research Group is supported by ten lecturers with the expertise from the field of Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics, Computational Mechanics, Structural Dynamics and Vibration, Aeroelastic, Material Aircraft, Kelaiktabrakan Structures, Structural Design Aircraft, to Aircraft Manufacturing. Lightweight Structure Research Group also establishes cooperation in the field of education, research, and development with various organizations both nationally and internationally.

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