Mining Engineering Research Group

General Information

Mining engineering is the practice of applying engineering principles to the development, planning, operation, reclamation, and closure of mines. According to those definitions, the scope of study in mining engineering covers whole activities to extract valuable minerals, including coal underneath the earth for the wealth of the community. Mining engineering is one of the oldest engineering professions, ranked as the primary and basic industries of early civilization, which continues to grow in importance.

Nowadays, mining operation in Indonesia has been facing more challenges because of the depleted resources and concern in environmental aspects. The occurrence of minerals and coal deposit also getting deeper following the progress of mining development. To solve these problems, Mining Engineering Research Group gives a special attention in order to optimize the mining recovery and its benefit to the nation, without compromising the technical and environmental aspects.

Based on the condition of mining industries in Indonesia, Mining Engineering Research Group decides to conduct study and research to find the best solution, both for company and community. The following research topics are conducted and consist of three subjects, namely  Geomechanics and Mining Technology, Mining Environment, and Mineral and Coal Economics and Policy. These topics are intended to contribute to creating a safe condition and environmental-friendly mining operation, both on surface and underground mines, which produce optimal social and economic benefits for the society.

Mining Engineering Research Group also contributes to the academic activities in Mining Engineering Department through the courses that offered to the student in Mining Engineering. Mining Engineering Research Group provides several courses that consist of mining methods, rock mechanics, rock fragmentation, mine equipment and material handling, mine ventilation, mine planning and design, mineral policy, mine safety, mineral economics, as well as mining environment.

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