Knowledge and Software Engineering Research Group

General Information

Knowledge & Software Engineering Research Group focuses on developing new paradigms on software engineering, knowledge discovery and data mining, content management system, mobile application, artifacts & process based software metrics, software project management tools, XML based financial electronic reporting, source code documentation generator, web services, service oriented architecture, service-oriented computing, human-based computing, and cloud computing.

Latest research:

  1. Traffic Congestion Prediction Using Multi-Layer Perceptrons And Long Short-Term Memory (2020)
  2. Component-based Development Using Moodle as Alternative for E-Learning Software Development (2020)
  3. Dicey: A Blockchain Based Decentralized Service Registry (2019)
  4. Cadfort: A Decentralized Internet of Things Platform Based on Kademlia (2018)
  5. Trajectory Pattern Mining with Multistage Spatial Partitioning (2017)
  6. Taxi Passenger Hotspot Prediction using Automatic ARIMA Model (2017)
  7. Reliable Coordination Patterns in Cyber-Physical-Social Systems (2016)
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