Design Science and Visual Culture Research Group

General Information

Design Science And Visual Culture Design Science and Visual Culture Research Group was established due to the linkages between some issues in world of design. For example, the linkage between design and culture, design and lifestyle, design and media, and the linkage between research and development of design theory. Nowadays, culture can be interpreted in a broader definition so that design can be a part of the visual culture itself.

As an object of study, visual culture has been growing rapidly. The growth is caused by the interdependency between social issues such as economy, politics, culture, education, and the existence of visual technology such as television, computer, video, internet, and others. With that, visual culture has a clear field of study, issue, approach, method, and strategy. Meanwhile, our research interests are product function, visual language, visual technology, visual product, visual information, virtual design and culture, study of visual ideology, study of image, study of design and mass culture, and other aspect of communication and design.

To study those methods, types of approaches that can be used are aesthetics, sociology of design, anthropology of design, methodology of design, study of force, visual culture history, cultural studies, semiotics, hermeneutics, ethnography, discourse analysis, lifestyle analysis, and consumption analysis. Through these methods, people will be able to comprehend visual culture and design phenomenons in broader sense.

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