Manufacturing System Research Group

General Information

Our vision: is to go towards academic excellence in manufacturing systems in Asia. Our mission: is to give developing manufacturing systems and technology to national & regional society through education, research, and community service. The Research Group's main objectives are as follows: to attain competencies in manufacturing systems and technology; to disseminate research results at the international level; to apply agile, intelligent, and green manufacturing systems & technology to the betterment of society; and to build and develop global knowledge network.

This research group uses Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management approach to improve the quality, productivity, and efficiency of the integrated system (men, machines, material, energy, and information). The characteristic keys are to design, plan, operate, control, maintain, and to improve. Meanwhile, the scope area of our research is manufacturing  system (tactical, operational, strategic).

Manufacturing System Research Group has 4 professors, 4 associate professors, 1 assistant professor, and 6 lectures with excellent qualification from universities in Australia, Japan, and USA. Currently, our main research is about Green Collaborative Manufacturing System of Industry 4.0. There are six areas in our research field; manufacturing system design; manufacturing planning and control; quality system and reliability; intelligent manufacturing systems; production system network; and manufacturing system planning and evaluation.

Furthermore, the research group has collaborated with both local and national industry to give Manufacturing Assistance Center (MAC), which functions as the science and technology practice and implementation, for supporting small and secondary metal manufacturing industry. With that, it is hoped that the research group can provide the the opportunity to open economic market and, if possible, to give some funding.

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