Applied Geophysics and Exploration Research Group

General Information

Applied Geophysics and Exploration Research Group develops competence based on engineering, sciences, earth sciences especially geophysics, and natural science in particular, to the application for science (geological properties/earth's interior, including the natural environment) and geophysical technologies used for exploration of the earth’s resources. In applied and exploration geophysics, geophysicists usually are required of good understanding of math and physics principles, geology knowledge, computer skills, and hand-on experiences on electronic instruments. The activities of this research group includes survey designs, data acquisition, data processing, modeling and data interpretation.

In Applied Geophysics and Exploration Research Groups, the following main research field are pursued and developed: Earth Resources Exploration; Computational and Imaging Geophysics, Environmental and Engineering Geophysics, and Reservoir Geophysics.

Top researches:

  1. Near Surface Geophysics Technology and Environment for Carbon capture and Storage (CCS), Geotechnical, Subsurface Movement, Groundwater Exploration, Soil and Water Pollution. The method used is the GPR, TDEM, Gravity, Magnetic, Geoelectric, Radiometric, SNMR (surface nuclear magnetic resonance).
  2. Geophysical Technology for Subsurface Exploration for CCS, Gas-Oil and Minerals Exploration, Fluids Reservoir Monitoring, Tectonics and Volcanoes. The method used is the Gravity, Magnetics, EM (MT), Geoelectric.
  3. Energy Technology for Gas and Oil Exploration, Geothermal Exploration. The method used is the Gravity, Magnetics, EM (MT & TDEM), Geoelectric.
  4. Instrumentation and Computation Technology for developing the measurement equipment and processing of geophysical data.
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