Visual Communication And Multimedia Research Group

General Information

Visual Communication and Multimedia Research Group is one of the research groups under the Faculty of Visual Art and Design that is in charge of visual communication design.

The primary foundations of Visual Communication and Multimedia Research Group are art (aesthetics) and design (creativity) that are supported by modern technology. Unlike pure art concept that consider artists’ freedom in creating art as an important aspect, this research group concerns on target audience in delivering visual message to solve the existing communication problem. The other foundations supporting this research groups are visual communication, psychology, communication study, and cultural study that is supported by technology.

Visual Communication and Multimedia Research Group’s area of expertise is divided into three subunits: Graphic Design (book design, magazine, newspaper, comic, sign system, corporate identity, logo, packaging, etc.); Multimedia Design (television visual program, video program, film, animation, interactive media, web, game, etc.); Advertising (promotion design, campaign, advertisement, branding, etc.).

Top researches:

  1. The Shifts of Motherhood Figure Representation in Indonesian Children Book Illustrations in 1973-2013
  2. Development of Non-Photorealistic Three-Dimensional Computer Graphic Animation for Preserving Wayang Beber of Pacitan as An Indonesian Traditional Theater Art
  3. Study of The Visual Storytelling Structure in Indonesian Educational Game Produced in 2006-2008
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