Offshore Engineering Research Group

General Information

Offshore Engineering Research Group was established in 2006 and previously was a part of Ocean Engineering Research Group. There are seven main research focuses that are developed in Offshore Engineering Research Group; Offshore Engineering Technology, Subsea Pipeline and Riser, Floating Structure, Material in Marine Environment, Marine Geotechnics, and Sea Defence Technology.

It is widely known that Indonesia, as maritime country, has abundant potency (in every aspect) in which Offshore Engineering Research Group can take part in developing and optimizing ocean resources. Thus, the relationship between Offshore Engineering Research Group with government is established by providing consultation and solution which related to ocean engineering aspect. Several collaborations have also been initiated with several local and international companies to provide licensed software including cooperation to provide in-house training that are related to offshore engineering research. Offshore Engineering Research Group members are also actively involved both in national or international conferences.

Latest researches:

  1. Floristic diversity at various forest types and ecophysiology aspects of forest (energy usage, carbon assimilation, transpiration, and biomass distribution).
  2. Risk-based Underwater Inspection for Fixed Offshore Platforms in West Madura Offshore – Indonesia. (A collaborative research between Offshore Engineering Research Group, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, PT. BIRU and WMO).
  3. Platform Decommissioning in Chevron, (A collaborative research with PT. BIRU).
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