Control and Computer Systems Research Group

General Information

Research fields of the Control and Computer Systems Research Group (CCSRG) consist of analysis, design and implementation of systems in the fields of control, computer, robotics, and intelligent systems, as independent systems or in an integrated manner such as in embedded intelligent autonomous systems. 

These systems have important roles in many areas of applications, particularly when a set of required specifications is determined to be reached, such as in the areas of industrial processes, transportation systems, systems with energy concern, infrastructure health monitoring, environmental conservation, defence and security systems, social media data analysis, and many others.

Current research activities in CCSRG include research and development of national electric vehicle, active noise control, simulator technology, avionics and flight-control computer, ground, aerial, and underwater autonomous vehicles, predictive maintenance & structural health monitoring, machine perception & control, multi-agent systems and robotics, military and defence systems.

Latest researches:

  1. Sensor Fusion and Machine Learning Approach for Tsunami Prediction in the Tsunami Early Warning System (2020)
  2. Hybrid Underwater Glider for Maritime Exploration and Surveillance
  3. UAV-UGV Coordination for Monitoring Area Contaminated with Hazardous Chemical Gas (2020)
  4. Particle Filter based Single Shot MultiBox Detector for Human Moving Prediction (2020)
  5. Perception and Path Planning System for Autonomous Vehicle (2020)
  6. Multimodal Fusion Algorithms and Reinforcement Learning Based Dialog Systems in Human-Machine Interaction (2020)
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