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Humanities is a science concerned with understanding and construction of socio-culture as a dynamic process on the platform of science, technology, arts and social sciences and humanities through a transdisciplinary approach to see the interconnectedness between science, technology, art, society and culture and its manifestations in the social, economic, political and art dynamics to generate innovative ideas about society and culture. Development of transdisciplinary research models or studies are very important in facing changes in the society, both locally and globally.

In an institution that is based on environment, science, technology and art, the role of humanities serves as an implementation of "Engineer’s Hipprocatic Oath" which states that the professions in the field of science, technology and art are deemed to humanize the users of the products of these professions. Humanities should make humans more humane, cultured, sensible and well-mannered. Humanities consists of several disciplines such as language, communication, sociology, religion, psychology, and civics, which have a role that is no less important than that of science, technology and arts. In its regular practice in Indonesia, Humanities has not yet been seen as a counterpart or equal research partner by those in exact disciplines: science, technology, and arts, and thereby understanding or cases involving humans up to now tend to be partial in nature.

Research Group on Humanities is committed to securing ITB with its declaration in its Development Plan 2006-2025 to transform itself into a cultural center in the 21st century. Therefore, through Humanities, this research group tries to synergize science, technology and arts to lead the changes toward a better Indonesia and a better world. Since 2000 Research Group on Humanities has been publishing Jurnal Sosioteknologi every April, August and December and it has been accredited by Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education since 2016.

Top Researches :

  1. Language Encryption of the Indonesian Maritime Intelligence Communication for the utilization of new encryption methods that improve the reliability of the crypto system to prevent leakage of marine security information
  2. Conflict Mapping of the Indonesian Cyber World and Its Resolution: A Multimodal and Forensic Linguistic Approach
  3. Forensic Linguistics of the Users’ Safety of Jepara-Karimun Jawa Sea Crossing
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