Regional and Urban Infrastructure Research Group

General Information

Regional and Urban Infrastructure System Research Group is a group of experts within the faculty of School of Architecture, Planning and Policy Development which consists of professors and researchers who are interested in transportation and infrastructure planning as well as its policy implication to urban development.

Together with the other expert groups in the faculty, we support the academic activities at the Study Program of Regional and Urban Planning and the Study Program of Transportation. Students at all levels (Undergraduate and Graduate) who are interested in various topics concerning infrastructure and transportation planning, policy, and management, are encouraged to undertake their academic activities under the supervision of our members.

Activities in this group are divided in two groups. They are internal activity and external activity. Internal activities are: regular meeting, and the discussion of academic curriculum that is related to regional and urban infrastructure system fields. External activities include: the collaboration with other institutions that are spread both throughout Indonesia and the partnership with abroad institutions. On top of that, the research activities, as the primary activity in the research group, are also being held continuously as a form of improvement in research field and as a contribution for Indonesian development. The publication of these research outputs are submitted in both national and international conferences such as CITIES, PLANOCOSMO, EASTS, WCTR, and others. Furthermore, welcome any cooperation particularly in research, collaborative seminar, or exchange activities in relation to transport and infrastructure planning, policy, and management. We offer collaborative activities based on mutual benefit principle.

Top Researches:

  1. Conceptual Model of Infrastructure Provisioning based on Stakeholder Perception and Preference
  2. Performance of Infrastructure Services to Support Achievement of the Sustainable Development
  3. The Infrastructure Carrying Capacity Approach for Urban Planning in Indonesia
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